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ARSBDC Dog of the Year Awards

The ARSBDC Dog of the Year Awards are presented to foster fair and equitable competition among walking dogs, both red setter as well as other pointing dog breeds. The ARSBDC offers three Awards in each of two categories… all breed and red setter (restricted) breed. For each category, there shall be a award presented in Puppy, Derby, and broke (Shooting Dog or All Age) stakes. Competition for the awards begins on July 1 of each year, and concludes on June 30 of the following year. Dogs must be qualified to run in a particular stake, and the responsibility for said qualification lies with the field trial or stake manager for the particular trial. All placements are verified by publication in the UKC Field. It is the responsibility of the owner to submit placements to the ARSBDC; this is especially important if the dog is being run by someone other than the owner. It is still the owner’s responsibility to ensure the placement is reported within the 30 day time frame. Awards will be announced on or about August 1 (30 days after the conclusion of the yearly cycle ending.)

“Fundamentally, the real purpose of field trials is breed improvement, and the elevation of pointing dog performance in the hunting field.”

-William F. Brown, “Field Trials: History, Management, and Judging Standards.” 1934.

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